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Impact, influence and inspire with a 90 Day Plan

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First Ninety specialises in leader transitions and we work with a diverse range of leaders across Australia. Our methodology and approach empowers leaders to fast track their results. Whether leaders are newly placed or have tenure in their roles, a 90 day performance acceleration program can take their performance and leadership capability to the next level. Working side by side with leaders, we give them the system, support, tools and resources which are based on international best practice principles. We strive for excellence.

Our model also meets the need for organisations who want to align their leadership teams to where they need to be. Organisations invest significantly to acquire and retain talent. Investing in people means supporting them to bring their best game and providing opportunities for accelerated growth and development.

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from Cam Stirling, Shine Technology, Melbourne.

When Toni and I first spoke about the potential for her to help me with my first 90 days in a new job, I was a bit sceptical. This wasn't the first time that I'd started a new job, far from it. Plus, I've read and even acted on the book "The First 90 Days". Still, I was curious to see what additional value could be added and I was super-keen to perform at my best in the new role and organisation, so we started working together.

Over the next few months, Toni helped me to "chunk up my thinking" and focus on the big picture at times when the pace and volume of new content threatened to relegate my thinking too deeply into detail. Toni asked thought-provoking questions which helped me to broad-scan my new environment and the eco-system in which we act. She challenged me to prioritise my learning plan, which accelerated my learning.

Toni took care to personalise the experience to my needs and specific role. I'm confident that all of this assisted me to perform at my best and to really "hit the ground running" in my new career step.

More about Toni Courtney

Prior to founding First Ninety, Toni’s corporate background spanned over 20 years serving in senior marketing roles in New Zealand, UK, USA and Australia. In Australia she has worked for brands including Westpac, American Express, and most recently ANZ.

Toni’s passion centers on people and results. She has a proven track record of success in leading teams to seamlessly deliver brand, sales, and profit targets. She’s led teams through significant organizational change and has held roles in new start-ups through to mature businesses. Throughout her career Toni has increasingly been brought into organisations to initiate performance improvement strategies with specific focus on profit, growth and capability development. Throughout her career, Toni’s recognised that strong leadership is the ability to impact, influence and inspire others to achieve their potential. She is known for her drive, resilience, and her high energy.

Toni is a certified Coach, Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Thought Dynamics Consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Business Management (First Class Hons). Toni has been a participant of The Committee For Melbourne’s Future Focus Group leadership program for emerging business leaders.

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from Gabrielle Angles, Pittwater Council, Sydney.

Toni’s coaching has enabled me to proceed on issues with clear purpose and direction. She has helped me focus and find strategic outcomes for success in my new role. Her input has been invaluable to my first 90 days. I would highly recommend her coaching and program to anyone seeking direction and support within their career

VIDEO: Your 90 Day Plan For Transition Success

A short video with Toni Courtney from First Ninety. If you're about to transition - into a new leadership role at work in particular - find out how a structured 90 day transition plan can set you up for success. A 90 day plan will give you the critical mindset and strategies to enable you to generate incremental results and become fully productive in half the normal time.

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