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Quintin Venter

Castle Hill
0403 221 545


Personal Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching
One-on-one personal mentoring, group workshops, facilitator/presenter/speaker.

Staring my coaching journey early 2011 I found what gives me great satisfaction in life and that is to make a difference in someone’s life so they can live their lives to their fullest potential and make a difference in their community.

Working with individual teenager and adult clients that were facing life challenges and obstacles, I knew the massive impact overcoming those challenges and obstacles would make in their lives and it also dramatically impacted their environment in; career – business – relationship – wealth – health – personal & professional development – fun & adventure – life in general.

I’ve since transitioned into small & medium size business mentoring and that has allowed me to play a big role in further developing the culture & environment of any business so the people perform at their best in their professional lives and personal lives. With the results in higher staff moral & productivity, increased bottom-line profits and leadership status in their respective industry.


Thought Dynamics Executive Charter Member
Licenced Thought Dynamics Consultant, Instant Insight Communications Systems (IICS) Business Coach, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified Master Practitioner of The Coaching Institute’s Deep State Re-Patterning, Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry as I started to conducted my training in coaching which allowed me to implement and measure my learning not only in myself however in the organization I was involved with as well.

Being part of the Crust Gourmet Pizza Group in their early expansion stage as the operations manager in one of their stores in Castle Hill, NSW, provided me with the training ground to implement and measure new strategies to improve the established business culture & environment, internal & external communication strategies, sales strategies, marketing strategies, staff training strategies that were implemented national in other stores.

Coaching the store owner and over 100 staff on personal & professional development resulted in an business culture & environment that moved everyone within the store away from dependency to independency with the ultimate outcome of interdependency.

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from Michael Gourlas, Castle Hill, NSW.

Having trained dozens maybe hundreds of staff myself not only in my stores but the many franchisees and friends I have helped in the Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar and Tyrepower Systems I can truly appreciate the way Quintin has taken what he has been taught to a whole new level.

The speed and ease he can the way I put it "program" new employees is truly phenomenal bringing a fun and friendly environment with a very serious business together in perfect harmony. The systems we have at Castle Hill I believe are the most effective in throughout the Crust brand touching on every persons core needs.

Tracking progress and quantifying our experiences only shows how effective these procedures really are, but it's how they are delivered and absorbed by my staff I am truly amazed.

More about Quintin Venter

As an Thought Dynamics consultant I follow the Meta Dynamics methodology incorporating the most advanced logical thinking model ESIP, providing a structural solution for corporate and small business owners in Australia. ESIP is short for Environment, Structure, Implementation and People. Below is a brief explanation of each area;

"A business is only as great as the people it keeps"

Environment - Within the environment lies your business blueprint for success. It's in the environment that your purpose and outcomes are determined. In the environment we take a closer look at what external environment you are creating for your clients/customers/suppliers/staff and everyone associated with your business and ask, “why it is important to create an external environment”. Your internal environment consists of the values you operate with to create the external environment for everyone associated with your business. Alignment of the internal and external environment within your business gets you closer to the goals you've set to achieve.

Structure – This is the “What” in everything that is required to support the environment. In the structure our thinking goes lateral to all the possibilities and requirements that are needed to hold the environment.

Implementation – Doing the do in building the structure that supports the environment. This is the “How” and it is the specific strategies that require completion to build a sustainable structure. Here we explore the delegation of jobs & tasks to ensure the right person and departments are accountable and capable to complete their specific duty.

People – Everyone that is associated with your business in doing the do that builds the structure to supports the environment.

Having a highly empowering environment improves staff moral and staff retention, resulting in higher performance of staff, communication between employer & employee and increased profitability on the bottom line. Contact me for a free environment diagnostic gift from me to you and your business.

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from Josie Tong, North Strathfield.

We just finished this amazing workshop with Thought Dynamics, and I’ve learned so much, I’ve been in the business for 4.5 years but what I’ve learned today I know is going to catapult me to my huge goal in 2014.

There is so much that I have learned that is new information for me and really, what I see from a business perspective it will help grow many people, so I really encourage allot of you to come and do one of these seminars because you wont only grow your business but you as a person as well.

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