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Personal Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching
Individual performance coaching, Team development , Group training , Workshops & Seminars, Keynote speaking

I have a unique skill set that includes a 15-year Directorship of a manufacturing company and thousands of hours in the education and training sectors. During my Directorship, the annual turnover of the family business grew to in excess of $2M and my role was in the management of the finances and financial reporting. I have intimate knowledge of the personal and financial challenges that face a small to medium enterprise on a daily basis, which allows me to connect on a deep level with your challenges.

My experience in the education and training sectors includes secondary school, English as a second Language and vocational training. This, along with exposure to living in Europe with French as a second language, has given me an ability to communicate across all stakeholder levels to get to the heart of the issue and earn wide spread support for initiatives.


International Coach Guild Associate Member, Thought Dynamics Executive Charter Member.
Masters of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (Education), Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment, Lead Quality Auditor.

I have worked across three sectors of the education industry, with a client base that spanned many age, gender and cultural demographics. My roles were as diverse as my client base.

I have interpreted curriculum and prepared course materials and resources to meet the relevant objectives of the training packages and then prepared the course accreditation documents for submission. In addition, I have done auditing activities to maintain compliance with regulations. My training and teaching experience encompasses such diverse disciplines as Accounting and Business Principles, Science and Health Science, Languages and English.

This places me in a unique position to provide exceptional training services to meet your individual needs.

ICG Associate Member badge Meta Dynamics Level 1 badge Thought Dynamics badge
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from Cathy Vanzanden, Brisbane.

I approached life coaching with the hope of gaining the confidence to start my own business. Marilyn has helped me face & understand some of my fears and why they are there in the first place, and how to move past them. Through working with Marilyn and life coaching I have developed the confidence and understanding of my strengths and have since developed and launched my business as a Flower Essence Therapist.

Marilyn has been a fantastic mentor, support and inspiration for my personal and professional growth, and I would highly recommend anyone considering coaching to make the most of the opportunity as the investment will be well worth the results.

More about Marilyn McKinlay

How do I know that you want? Like many small business owners, my husband and I worked hard to build a successful business that would provide a comfortable family life for us well into the future. Unfortunately the ideal did not eventuate and, as the business grew and became more successful, most of the time was spent ‘putting out the fires’. The hours my husband spent at work were getting longer and longer which meant, of course, that his hours at home were becoming less and less. This was unsustainable on the family relationships and eventually we went our separate ways. The business had given us financial freedom, but it had come at a high cost.

I went back to education and spent a number of years wondering if it was possible that the relationships would have survived, and indeed thrived, had we had the proper resources to give us direction to navigate the obstacles and keep an eye on the reason why we were running a business in the first place.

I found that answer when I commenced with The Coaching Institute and enrolled to become a Tough Dynamics consultant. I was able to relate to the methodology in a personal way in that this is the resource that I was looking for many years ago. I can see the connections that we needed to make and the actions that we needed to take. It would not have been easy, but it would have been immensely worthwhile in sustaining and nurturing the family bonds.

My goal is to bring this methodology to business owners who are struggling to put out the fires that flare up on a daily basis so that they may achieve the life they are seeking.

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from Claire Parsons, Bundaberg.

I had some life-decisions which I was in the middle of working through. Marilyn was great at asking me ‘just the right question at just the right time’ on many occasions, thus drawing out clarity of thought. She showed a great deal of respect for my journey and at no time did I feel judged, pushed or pressured.

I feel that my life coaching sessions with Marilyn helped me clarify and sort priorities in a productive way. Marilyn has played a significant role in my ongoing growth as a person and I highly recommend her in this valuable role.

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