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Julie Newnham

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Find your true north!


Personal Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching
One on one business mentoring, One on one personal and leadership consulting. Team building and group workshops.

Having worked in the corporate sector for over 30 years and in people management for 25 years I have accumulated a depth of knowledge and skills in leadership, team building, improving performance, developing people and change management.

Throughout my career I have seen individuals and team reach a certain level and then performance starts to drop, people become disengaged, increase in sick leave and stagnation. They lose their direction and purpose; they believe current circumstances and other people are impacting their own or the team’s performance.

I have a variety of tools and techniques to develop people and build high performance teams to achieve the desired outcomes of the organisation. Utilising change models that have evolved from the learnings of NLP into Meta Dynamics, I can assist you and/or your team to find true north and unlock yours and the team’s true potential.


Thought Dynamics Charter Member, Australian Institute Of Management Member, ICG Associate Member, TEDxMelbourne Executive Committee Member.
NLP/Meta Dynamics Practitioner, Completing a Master Practitioner of Coaching, Graduate diploma in Business Management.
ICG Associate Member badge Meta Dynamics Level 1 badge Thought Dynamics badge
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from Helen

Being an entrepreneur, starting a business is daunting and Julie has helped me enormously to get clarity and focus. She is an excellent listener, and really involved in the problem solving side of it, so the journey is not so alone.

I have no hesitation in recommending Julie for your go to coach. She is mature in her outlook and experience, has a wealth of knowledge both at a business level and with personal empowerment. I am confident that she would be a bonus to any person looking to advance their career, or their business.

More about Julie Newnham

Our aim is to help individuals and businesses transform and generate a continuously improving environment that sees continued improved results.

We focus on four key areas for success:

  1. Environment (eg Purpose, Culture);
  2. Structure (eg KPIs, Benchmarks);
  3. Implementation (eg How things are done);
  4. People (eg Skills development, Roles and Responsibilities).

We will provide:

  • A simple diagnostic tool, unique to our team, to highlight the strengths and stretches within the individual or the team
  • Step by step consulting and coaching for addressing non-functional areas of performance
  • Templates for addressing specific areas for improvement
  • Workshops and group facilitation for cultural alignment, innovations development and team effectiveness
  • Focus and clarity on what matters most to drive high performance

If you or your team is stuck or you keep trading the same old path with no change in results, or you just want to go to the next level then let’s get together for a diagnostic session and identify the areas for improvement and provide you with an action plan that will improve your results.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”
Pablo Picasso

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from Evonne

I had recently left a company I had worked for 21 years at and didn’t know what direction to take my next career in nor had experience in applying for jobs externally and was seeking guidance and direction to move forward including exploring options outside of my previous career.

I learnt how important it was to organise my time in applying for jobs in the same way I would apply myself in a job, ensuring I dedicated the appropriate amount of time and set myself deadlines to ensure I acted with a sense of urgency and focus. The end result was applying for and winning a role within weeks of the sessions commencing.

I would recommend Julie Newnham to anyone who wants to get their new career off the ground whether it be in their current role or trying something new.

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