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Using Ambitious Vision to deliver Systematic and Sustainable results!


Small / Medium Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Sales Coaching and Training, Culture in Business, Personal Coaching


After 23 years of owning and managing successful businesses Jamie is determined to use his ambitious Vision to create better personal and business results. Our mission at Blue Momentum coaching is to "Expand Your World"

We work with business owners and the key leaders in the organisation to create great cultures and environments that connect with the core values of the business. In our programs we provide cutting edge models and thinking for to take your business to a best practice operation. Included in our business programs are:

Staff development, Culture Improvements, Staff profiling, Business diagnostics, ESIP (Critical Alignment Model), Face to face coaching, Leadership training Change Management, Sales workshops and training, (Ultimate Influence) Mentoring, Communication, Goal Setting, Networking, and many more.

More important than all of this however is that Blue Momentum works with the key personnel in the business to provide them with a more fulfilling and complete life. We have seen successful businesses achieving great results but the business owners or executives feeling that there was more to life or something missing.

This is where Blue Momentum Coaching has its point of difference. With extensive behavioural training we will connect you with what you really want from your business or career. We can help you connect with your key drivers, to ensure that you are more than just your work and you live your life content, happy and fulfilled.


20 + years Management Positions
15 + years Business Owner
Bachelor of Business – Monash University Thought Dynamics Accredited Consultant, Meta Dynamics 1, (NLP) Practitioner, Diploma Business & Life Coaching, ICG Associate member Ultimate Influence Sales Methodology How to Run a Successful Workshop Deep State Re-Patterning
ICG Associate Member badge Meta Dynamics Level 2 badge Meta Dynamics Level 3 badge Thought Dynamics badge
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from Angela, Melbourne

I still have that happy little girl with pig tails and the whoosh of the wind in her hair and on her face; squealing and giggling, in my mind's eye. Awesome work Jamie. I really appreciate your compassion and commitment to guiding me through the darkness and seeing that there is so much light. Those helium balloons just sailed on up; taking those thoughts that no longer serve me. I now can move forward with love. So, thank you xo.

More about Jamie Zuidema

Jamie Zuidema is the Managing Director at Blue Momentum Coaching.

Jamie Zuidema is the Founder of Blue Momentum Coaching.  Happily married with 2 teenage daughters he lives in Mornington on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Jamie has a degree in Business, with major studies in Accounting and Economics from Monash University.  He has now added a Credentialled Practioner of Coaching to his knowledge bank with studies in NLP, Deep State Re-patterning, Meta Dynamics, Ultimate Influence, Public Speaking, and Thought Dynamics .  Jamie is also member of the ICG.(International Coach Guild)

Prior to establishing Blue Momentum Coaching Jamie had run a number of his own businesses.  Several of these were greenfield operations while others were the result of strategic acquisitions.  Jamie’s role in these businesses included Financial Controller, Sales Manager, Product Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manager, and Operations Manager so his experience's have been extensive and varied.  These businesses have been very successful and many continue to be so today.

The feeling that something was missing despite all of the external, outward success was what lead him to the study of Human behaviour and ultimately to this life of coaching.  Jamie has utilised his vast business knowledge and combined this with his love for seeing businesses and people grow, with the creation of Blue Momentum Coaching.   He now lives the life of his dreams and would love to help you do the same.

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from Anson, Melbourne.

Thanks to my coaching with Jamie, I feel like I have control over my life for once. I know that I can make the hard decisions and get to where I want to be. I now feel motivated, more importantly I have learnt to motivate myself. I feel that I have had a significant boost in my self esteem and Jamie helped my recognise my strengths and values”

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